New Star is proud to represent Chariot SCADA message broker solutions provided by Cirrus Link Solutions.

​CHARIOT SCADA is middleware infrastructure focusing on the industrial automation and Internet of Things market enabling the quick integration of data assets in SCADA and IIoT systems.  For 30 years, Cirrus Link has the experience in the moving bits of data effectively, securely and with the reliability to run mission critical systems.  With an extensive knowledge base and world-class hardware partners, Chariot SCADA simplifies the edge of the network enabling critical and new data assets for clients to effectively operate, manage and maintain their systems over its lifetime.  Chariot SCADA is provided for private or on premise, as a cloud service,or a hybrid of both.

Message Broker Services

Benefits of the Chariot SCADA Infrastructure:

Increased Data Availability

Latency is decreased as the polling is done at the edge at faster intervals instantly reporting changed data
Throughput efficiencies increased
Efficiencies and Detection is improved with improved awareness
Best path for connectivity is managed and quickly switched upon failure for higher up times

Data Integration

With Chariot SCADA, data is published from the edge into a MOM(message-oriented-middleware) platform enabling data to be sent to many applications breaking the one-to-one data relationship
All types of data now available at the edge from process variables to a captured image
MQTT Client JSON data integration directly into the business enterprise
REST Endpoint Integration

Securely Simplifies the Edge  

One connection in and out for all data.. One Pipe… One Process
Enables connectivity to Multiple Devices and protocols to delivery all data types including Real-time control
Security is simplified and improved with secure TLS client originated connectivity

Exceptional Redundancy Performance 

Up-time Improved – Quicker fail-over and Acknowledgements when issues arise
Scalability, Disaster Recovery and High Availability are native capabilities of the system… Scale out, up and across. Many levels of redundancy are available for the messaging middleware

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