​Software Development & Hosting

Regardless whether you require a complex SCADA network or the simplest IIoT network, New Star can develop the software to support your needs.  

If you have an existing SCADA network, you may want to improve it by reducing system scan time, enhance network security, cut communication costs, allow disparate systems to function together seamlessly, bring in stranded data from smart devices, or perform analytics on SCADA data.  New Star can help you do all of these things.

If you are developing an IIoT network, you might be looking for options to expand your core service offering to work with specialized sensors, industrial protocols, and sell more complex solutions. New Star can help you achieve your goals.

New Star offers a variety of engineered automation and monitoring solutions to meet your needs:

  • SCADA optimization solutions
  • Message oriented middleware - MQTT Solutions
  • Software development
  • Cloud-based SCADA solutions
  • Private label IIoT services
  • Consulting & Professional Services

Merging Information Technology & Operations Technology

Traditionally, SCADA systems have been designed to do one thing: monitor and control pipelines, electric grids, or water systems.  While SCADA systems excel at monitoring and controlling, they don't interact well with other IT or ERP systems.  New Star helps companies break down silos of information, allowing IT and OT organizations to quickly and cost effectively interoperate.

SCADA & IIoT Software

To discuss a SCADA or IIoT Project, contact us

at  (832) 917-1200 or by email at greg@newstar-inc.com.