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New Star is proud to represent Elecsys and their RediGate line gateways that provide the capabilities and proven experience required.

Edge gateways are installed at remote locations and connect to a wide variety of field devices, including: Remote Terminal Units (RTU), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Flow Computers, Smart Sensors, and HMIs. The edge gateway extends the polling to the edge of the network and delivers the data utilizing MQTT to Chariot SCADA MQTT Servers.  The Edge Gateway combines the capabilities of a cellular modem, router, terminal server and gateway all in one box eliminating costs and failure rates. 

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Edge Gateways

The capabilities of the Elecsys Edge Gateways include:

  • Data Management
  • Protocol Conversion
  • Smart Terminal Sever interleaving multiple masters per channel
  • RBE Functionality – Efficient use of communication and increased change of state awareness
  • Arbitrator for between network routes for uptime – Best Path and Failover
  • Cellular Connectivity
  • Security – TLS Client originated
  • MQTT Client
  • IEC-61131 Local Logic for Control

RediGate Series of Gateways