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​In November 2021, the EPA proposed new mandates that, if put into place, would further reduce methane emissions up to 74% by 2030 and, for the first time, would apply to all existing oil and gas facilities, not just to ones that were recently built.  The proposed regulations would also require that emissions from liquids unloading facilities be minimized, along with new requirements for leak detection and repair programs. 

 Moving forward, it is clear that oil and gas companies must have effective Quad-0 compliance strategies which include the construction of new facilities, day-to-day operations, and leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs, as well as recordkeeping, compliance reporting, and EPA inspections.  

​Just as the Oil & Gas Industry has evolved over time, so have environmental regulations.  New methane monitoring and reduction requirements were published by the EPA in 2012 in 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart 0000, commonly known as Quad-O.  In addition to introducing requirements to monitor and reduce levels of methane, Quad-0 mandated that that owners and operators in the Oil & Gas Industry implement leak detection and repair programs throughout their facilities.


1.  Including everything visible in one view.
2. All-seeing; comprehensive, inclusive.

Panoptic Environmental Monitoring Platform

Panoptic is a comprehensive environmental monitoring platform that includes state-of-the-art optical sensors capable of detecting fugitive methane emmissions in concentrations down to 100 PPM; video cameras and microphones; a global data network that continuously reports methane levels from any oil and gas facility, no matter how remote, or harsh the environment; and an advanced data engine, which includes: cloud-computing, edge computing, analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  In additon to methane, Panoptic can simultaneously detect and log concentations of H2S, SO2, CO2, VOCs, particulate matter, and other environmentally hazardous gasses. Panoptic also includes software tools to assist oil & gas with regulatory compliance.  Best of all, Panoptic integrates easily with existing, or planned, IT and OT system.