IoT Platforms

New Star works with a variety of customers, helping them develop unique IoT solutions that meet their individual business needs.  Perhaps your company is a Hardware OEM and you would like to have an IoT solution you can bundle with your core products to create a new revenue stream.  Or, your competitor is offering an IoT solution and you are losing business to them as a result.  Or, you would like to bring fresh thinking to your industry and add analytics and artifical intelligence to your business processes.

New Star makes it easy for companies to develop and deploy their own IoT solution.  We represent two different software platforms; each offering the ability to deliver unique solutions quickly and affordably. After we understand your requirements and goals, we can typically deliver a proof-of-concept demonstration in one to two weeks.

Many people think of IoT solutions as simple monitoring applications in which a few variables in the field, such a tank level or battery voltage, are measured periodically and the results are collected and displayed on a dashboard or portal.  New Star excels at providing these types of solutions; however, we also develop exceptionally powerful IoT applications that can scale to millions of end devices, and incorporate cloud computing, edge computing, analytics, and artificial intelligence, as well as No Code interfaces.

The adoption of edge computing is a growing at a rapid rate.  The development of advanced industrial gateways allow for the deployment of computation power where it makes the most sense.  Multiple consulting firms have reported growth rates in the Edge Computing Market of 20% CAGR over the last few years. Future growth rates have been predicted as high as 38.9% for the next 8 years.  When chosing an IoT service platform, it is fair to ask potential service providers to outline their edge computing strategy.  New Star sells ruggedized industrial gateways that will compliment your IOT strategy.  We can even help you develop develop and manufacture custom electronics shoudl you need something that isnt commercially available yet.

Our principal's IoT solutions are used sucessfully by aircraft manufacturers, railroads, utilities, Oil & Gas-related companies, and other global businesses.  Let us show you how we can develop a purpose-built IoT solution quickly and affordably.

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