Environmental Sensors

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Highly Sensitive Methane & Environmental

Sensors From Safeguard Analytics

New Star is proud to be the Master Distributor for Safeguard Analytics' line environmental sensors.   Safegaurd Analytics offers a comprehensive range of sensors that can detect 30 combustible gases, enviromentally hazardous gasses, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and particulate matter.

The Safeguard Analytics' line of combustible gas sensors are highly sensitive, low PPM, sensors which are based on LDL (Lowest Detectable Limit), instead of LEL (Lowest Explosive Limit), Safeguard Analytics manufactures both diffusion and extracted sampling sensors.

Safeguard Analytics' sensors usher in a completely new paradignm in methane monitoring.  For the first time, energy companies can now cost effectively monitor the ambient level of methane in a work environment on a minute-by-minute basis.  Fence line monitoring strategies can also be implemented to determine if a methane leak is coming from your facility or coming across your fence line from your neighbor's facility.

Safeguard Analytics' provides both wired and wireless sensors.  Regardless whether you need to get your sensor data across a plant, or across the globe,  Safeguard Analytics has a solution that will meet your needs.