Environmental Sensors

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Highly Sensitive Methane & Environmental

Sensors From Safeguard Analytics

New Star is proud to be the Master Distributor for Safeguard Analytics' line environmental sensors.   Safegaurd Analytics offers a comprehensive range of sensors that can detect 30 combustible gases, enviromentally hazardous gasses, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and particulate matter.

The Safeguard Analytics SA-5100 line of combustible gas sensors are highly sensitive, low PPM, sensors which use non-dispersed infrared (NDIR) technology, allowing companies to detect fugitive methane emissions in concentrations as low as 100 PPM.  

Today's methane sensors are safety devices that focus on methane's Lowest Explosive Limit (LEL), which is 50,000 PPM.  SA-5100 sensors are environmental monitoring devices, designed around Methane's Lowest Detecible Limit (LDL), providing much more granular data.  

SA-5100 sensors usher in a completely new paradignm in methane monitoring.  For the first time, energy companies can now cost effectively monitor the ambient level of methane in a work environment on a minute-by-minute basis.  Fence line monitoring strategies can also be implemented to determine if a methane leak is coming from your facility or coming across your fence line from your neighbor's facility.

Wired and wireless versions of SA-5100 sensors are available.  The SA-5100 sensor can be ordered with either a 4-20 ma or RS-485 Modbus output.  Wireless SA-5100 sensors are equipped with LoRaWan and communicate to a LoRa Wan gateway.  New Star provides both standalone LoRaWan gateways and Celluar Routers equipped with LoRaWan gateways.  Depending on terrain, LoRaWAN sensors have an effective range of several miles.

In additon to providing unheralded sensitivity, SA-5100 sensors provide the lowest total cost of ownership.  The open path optical sensors do not require any special training to install or support. Featuring an expected useful life of 5-10 years, SA-5100 sensors do not rquire calibration like other sensors do.  Upon review, we think you will quickly see that the SA-5100 series of sensors from Safeguard Analytics provide a very quick ROI.